What is ‘thevouchercompany.com’?

thevouchercompany.com is an online discount voucher platform operated by Discount Vouchers Ltd, providing significant discounts to consumers whilst helping local, small businesses with an easy to use, modern advertising platform supported using local radio to drive click through and footfall.


How does it work?

​We work with local radio stations to sell discounted voucher deals – where savvy consumers to can save on average 50% on the normal costs of just about anything and everything. From discounted meals and drinks at local restaurants to discounted activities and days out. By purchasing a voucher from one of our affiliated websites, consumers are offered a significant discount compared to every day prices at local businesses that they know, trust and love.

​For local businesses, the platform provides an opportunity to increase brand awareness, drive footfall which in turn provides opportunities to ‘up-sell’ and generate increased income. All underpinned by a trustworthy offering backed by a team of experienced radio advertising professionals.

​By working with local radio stations, awareness is improved even further by on-air promotion that generates click through to our platform.

​Local business can place vouchers on our platform at no cost. The revenue generated pays for the platform and the radio air-time that promotes the system. This provides small businesses with a no-risk advertising strategy. By placing vouchers on our platform, businesses only ‘pay’ when a customer purchases a voucher and ‘cashes it in’ with the business for the service offered – which is a service or product cost rather than a cash payment for advertising. A business then can engage, up-sell and encourage repeat return business.

​Vouchers are limited – which encourages consumer take up and limits the overall potential cost for the business.


I’m a consumer – why should I trust the site?

​We engage directly with all the local businesses that place vouchers on our platform. We do not sell vouchers from businesses that we do not have a direct relationship with.

​Payments are made using our secured payment platform (PayPal and Stripe) to ensure your protection whilst making payments online.

​Each voucher is individually marked with a unique voucher reference number, so you can be guaranteed that the voucher you purchase is unique and only intended for the purchaser.

​Our relationship with your local radio station means that whilst our platform is online which is often faceless and distant, you can be assured of our localness by our association to the stations you know and love.

Want to know more?

​Sign up for our updates, which will allow us to let you know when our platform launches near you as well as the promotions and vouchers available on our site.

​If you’re a local business, contact us now to find out how our platform works in more detail, and to find out when we are launching in your area and how you can get involved.